Product Lifecycle Management

Vantage Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

PLM isn’t a software module. It’s a philosophy embraced when you realize you can increase revenue by taking control of every bit of product data you own. Vantage PLM provides storage, administration and supply of all product related information. It improves communication between your project managers, engineers, salespeople, buyers, quality assurance – in short, everyone who touches the product. Vantage PLM offers a complete end-to-end solution to manage all aspects of a product’s life, delivering unprecedented opportunity for you to better control costs and increase profitability.

Vantage PLM and Product Data Management (PDM)
Historically, product data was limited to engineering and production requirements, and was easily managed. Today, “product data” includes any and all information related to the product, often generated and stored in multiple locations. So how do you corral the data beast? Efficient, secure product data management is a cornerstone of Vantage PLM.

Data Protection & Security
Vantage PLM provides a tight level of security controlling who can view or access documents, protecting your specifications, CAD models, drawings, and NC-programs from loss or unwarranted access. All physical documents are held in an electronic vault, are password protected, and accessible only via the PDM system.

Search Capabilities
Vantage PLM offers extensive search and retrieval capabilities. You can search by multi-level classification, key fields or graphically navigate through a document hierarchy. Additionally, preview functions are available for drawings or documents, enabling your engineers to quickly view a large drawing without downloading it to their CAD-system. The relationships between parts and documents (as well as document contents) can be viewed via a structured tree view, so engineers can quickly see the impact and use of all documents.

In response to the dynamic types of information companies need to store regarding their products, Vantage PLM allows you to create your own fields, forms and workflows.

Vantage PLM and CAD Integration
Vantage PLM functions are fully integrated into each CAD program’s native menu system. Your product data, version, revision and bills of material are directly transferred into the drawing title block, which is automatically updated whenever a modification occurs.

Key CAD Integration Features
• Initiating PDM functions directly from the CAD application (e.g. part look up)
• Processing of CAD models controlled by PDM
• Check in / Check out
• Drawing administration
• Updating of title blocks
• Automatic generation of BOM and ‘where used’ information
• Change reports
• Version and revision management of CAD documents
• Automatic generation of drawing copies in a neutral data format (e.g. HPGL and TIFF)

CAD integrations currently available:
Vantage PLM version 6.10 offers the following CAD system integrations:
• AutoCAD
• AutoCAD Mechanical 2000
• Autodesk Mechanical Desktop
• Catia
• Inventor
• ME10
• MicroStation
• Solid Edge
• SolidWorks
• Unigraphics

Vantage PLM allows a company to greatly improve the overall quality, cost effectiveness, competitiveness and profitability of its products by ensuring that information is stored only once, and is available to all employees, partners, customers and suppliers as and when they need it.

Vantage PLM provides seamless integration with all other Vantage modules.


Epicor Vantage 8.0 wins Innovative Product/Technology in the AeA High-Tech Awards 2005  

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